Monday, October 3, 2011

Dashain - Now and Then

So the longest holiday in Nepalese calendar is finally here… Dashain, the Hindu festival  celebrated widely across the country by almost every citizen,  is the time most people who have been away from home to get back home… so it is more than a festival... a time for happy family reunion…

I am fond of Kathmandu in this time of the year, almost empty road; less chaos… it turns to be a peaceful abode, literally. You can witness it everywhere. Jam-packed vehicles, smell of flowers, aroma of meat… and children in their pretty new clothes… are a joy to watch… and above all happy faced people with the red-tika and jamara

I do have some fond memories about Dashain from my childhood. We had a month long holiday in school with too many home works… and I was always on rush to finish it early so I can celebrate the festival without much to worry, but at the end it  would be due until the last day… flying kites, playing cards… I was lucky with cards though… he he… going to Mamaghar… that was the best part… with a lot of siblings it was quiet a fun… as far as I remember during that time the winter would have already started and we had to put on warm clothes to be safe from frost/cold/mist/fog… I can still feel the smell of those good-old-days.

My granny was the eldest member in the family so every single relative used to visit our home… that felt good… and whenever someone used to come, Mamu used to call me down as I was always busy flying kites… and she always used to complain I was getting ‘kale’ with too much exposure in the sun… but I hardly listened to her. Then, after my Granny passed everything changed, I had grown up, didn’t feel like visiting relatives… I did visit few places for first few years, but since then all I received ‘tika’ was at home… so by now Dashain for me is a single day affair… I do wish to visit my Mamaghar, as everyone does, where you get that royal treatment.. he he.. but as it is outside valley I don’t usually get to visit there… last time I received ‘tika’ in Mamaghar was some 4-5 years back… when my sister was here… but after she went abroad... I don’t feel like celebrating Dashain at all… I miss her,  and every one at home do too.

So, for now Dashain for me is more a holiday than a festival. 

Hope everyone of you is having a nice time with your family. Happy Bijaya Dashami!!!