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Musa Bin Shamsher

Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher is a Bangladeshi business mogul who is often credited as the father of the Manpower Export industry in Bangladesh, and has also achieved notoriety for purportedly being a prominent name in the international weapons industry during the 1970s and the 1980s. He is renowned for his largess and his philanthropic activities.

Name, birth and ancestry
Prince Moosa, a moniker attributed to him by the media, was born in the town of Faridpur on the 15th of October 1949. His father, Shamsher Ali, was a prominent local government official during the British Raj; in later life he resigned himself to meditation and preaching.

The family can trace its roots to fourteenth century Sunni religious teachers (ulema) who migrated from Baghdad; family folklore hints at their ancestors being contemporaries of Nizamuddin Auliya.

Dr. Moosa was awarded an honorary doctorate in economics by the California based Pacific Western University.

He is married to Kaniz Fatema Chowdhury (housewife) and they have three children Nancy Zahara, Bobby Hajjaj and Zubi Bin Moosa (the clown).

His only daughter Nancy Zahara received her education from University of Texas at Austin and is now married to Sheikh Fazle Fahim, an eminent businessman, and a scion of the celebrated Sheikh family (grandson of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman).

His eldest son Bobby Hajjaj is an Oxford scholar, and works as a business strategy consultant and also lectures in various universities on the topic; he is also a famed newspaper columnist. Bobby is married to Barrister Rashna Imam who is also an Oxford scholar and a leading young corporate lawyer in Bangladesh; she was previously engaged at Baker & McKenzie, London office, in cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

The youngest son Barrister Zubi Bin Moosa graduated as a Barrister from the prestigious Lincoln’s Inn in London, UK. Zubi is currently pursuing his legal practice at the prestigious chambers of Kamal Hossain and Associates, and his wife, Shumi Nasrin, a graduate from a distinguished Canadian university, is now heading her own business house.

The sybarite
The tycoon is reported to live in palatial splendor, in the Gulshan suburb of Dhaka. A lot has been written in the popular media about the decor of his mansion, the number and standard of butlers employed (over 100 in number, and unique for the country); the staff are reputed to be capable of providing superior services than any five-star hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

There have been no dearth of publications about Dr. Moosa's love for expensive luxuries, starting from 5 million dollar wrist watches to diamond studded shoes.

He considers himself the ultimate symbol of fashion and style, and numerous publications over the last couple of decades have given full credence to this belief. He is the first man who uses diamond and ornament on his different specially prepared dresses. He also prefers diamond on his shoes and uses diamond-studded shoes  on special occasions. His diamond encrusted shoes are said to be worth of US$3million.(the value of the most valuable pair of shoes) The value of his diamond encrusted Rolex watch is US$5 million. His diamond covered pen is valued between US$1million-2million. He wears a ruby valued at US$1million, a stone ofUS$50000, a dimond ring of US$50000 and an emerald of US$100000.He wears the ornament worth of at least US$7 million on special function.His all ornaments were last valued at US$85 million in 1988.Now these are valued at US$850 million.(2011)He bathes in rose water.He has a private Gulf stream jet plane and hundred exclusive private cars including Rolls-Royce and Limousine. He is escorted by 6 bodyguards wherever he goes. The Daily Telegraph, the famous British magazine published an extraordinary cover-story on Dr. Moosa . It followed a series of widespread sensational media reports, particularly in the west. The Telegraph’s special correspondent Nigel Farndale while compiling the cover story captioned Prince Moosa as the ‘Man with the Golden Guns’ wrote “here is the international arms dealer now happily occupying a forefront position in the world who is popularly known, particularly in the western society, as the ‘Prince of Bangladesh’”.

In 1980s, the leading Indian dailies The Hindu and the Times of India quoted Prince Moosa as the richest tycoon in South Asia.

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