Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beny Steinmetz

Beny Steinmetz is an Israeli businessman. His portfolio is in diamond-mining and real estate.

He inherited the Geneva-based Steinmetz Diamond Group from his father. He is the CEO of the Beny Steinmetz Resource Group, also based in Geneva.

He is also CEO of Simfer S.A., an Israel-based company that has done business in Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Together with DiamondWorks, a subsidiary of Branch Energy Ltd., he co-owns Koidu Holdings. In 1997, he founded STI Ventures NV, venture capital firm that invests in start-up companies in Israel. In 1999, he was the owner of Tucows. As of 2010, he also owned Cunico, and publicly traded Katanga Mining. With his company called Scorpio, he owns real estate in Kazakhstan, Russia, and eastern Europe.

According to the March 2011 issue of Forbes, he is worth US$6 billion. As of March 2011, he was the second richest person in Israel, before Sammy Ofer died in June 2011.

He lives in Netanya, Israel. He is married with four children. With his wife, he oversees the Beny & Agnes Steinmetz Foundation, which donates to schools, hospitals, army units and the arts.

From : www.wikipedia.org