Saturday, January 28, 2012

Alexei Mordashov

Alexey Mordashov (Mordashóv) was born on 26 September 1965 in Cherepovets, Vologda Oblast. He is a Russian business oligarch and self-made billionaire. He is the main shareholder and the CEO of Severstal, one of Russia's largest steel and mining companies. Mordashov has an estimated US$ 18.5 billion fortune according to the US business magazine Forbes.

He began his career in 1988 as a low employee at the Cherepovets steel mill and in 1992 became finance director, shortly before the company was privatised. He formed two investment funds and, by buying up workers' shares, built a major stake in the factory. He became general director of the company in 1996. He built a conglomerate, Severstal, acquiring steel, coal and mining companies.

Both individually and through Severstal, Alexei Mordashov is involved in a wide range of philanthropic and charitable enterprises.

Through Severstal: Sponsor of the Bolshoi Theatre; sponsor of the Mariinsky Theatre; sponsor of the Tretyakov Gallery; sponsor of the Russian Museum; sponsor of the Museum of Frescoes by Dionisius; sponsor of the Sergei Andriaka Watercolour School; sponsor of the Moscow International Film Festival; sponsor of the Road Back Home charity for homeless children; sponsor of the "Severstal Cherepovets" super-league ice-hockey team; sponsor of the Dynamo (Moscow) Women’s Volleyball Club; sponsor of the Russian national male chess team; sponsor of over 20 Russian sports facilities including sports stadiums, ice rings, heated football fields and athletic centres.

As an individual: Bolshoi Theatre Charity Board; council for the restoration of the Valaam Monastery.

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