Saturday, January 28, 2012

Iskander Makhmudov

Iskander Makhmudov (born 1963) is an Uzbek businessman based in Russia.

Iskander one of the most mysterious Uzbek businessmen. He was born in Bukhara, lived in Tashkent and graduated from the local university with a degree in Oriental studies. He then worked in different Soviet military organizations in Libya and Iraq where he could use his Arabic skills. His first steps as a businessman were with the Chernoys and Reuben brothers and their Trans-World Group, once the largest metal trader in Russia. Now Makhmudov is the main owner of Uralskaya Gorno-Metallurgicheskaya Kompaniya (UGMK) Holding. This is the fourth largest non-ferrous metallurgical company in Russia, Russia's second-largest copper producer in terms of output. With his partner Makhmudov also acquired a 50% stake in Izdatelskiy Dom Rodionova (Rodionov Publishing House), which publishes the Russian version of BusinessWeek.

According to Forbes Magazine, Iskander Makhmudov is the 15th richest businessman in Russia and the 86th richest businessman in the world.

Personal Record
He keeps a low profile and is as non-transparent as the coal mined by Kuzbassrazrezugol where he holds a major stake. Makhmudov’s main asset is the Urals Mining and Processing Works.

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