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Boris Tadić

Boris Tadić (Serbian Cyrillic: Борис Тадић; born 15 January 1958 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is the President of Serbia and leader of the Democratic Party. He was elected to a five-year term on 27 June 2004, and was sworn into office on 11 July. He was re-elected for a de facto second five-year term on 3 February 2008 and was sworn in on 15 February. Prior to Presidency, Tadić served as the last Minister of Telecommunications of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and as the first Minister of Defence of Serbia and Montenegro. He is a psychologist by profession.

Boris Tadić advocates the integration of Serbia into the European Union but he also believes Serbia should only join the EU with his country's sovereignty over Kosovo. He is seen as a pro-Western leader but who favours balanced relations with Russia, the United States, and the EU.

Early Career
Boris Tadić was born in Sarajevo, the capital of the People's Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a republic within the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia. His father, Ljubomir, is a philosopher and a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. His mother, Nevenka, is a psychologist. His maternal grandfather and six other relatives were killed by the Croatian Ustaše during World War II at the Jasenovac concentration camp.

The Tadić are descendants of the Serb clan of Old Herzegovina in Piva (pl. Pivljani) and their family venerate Saint John (Serbian tradition Krsna slava of Jovandan).

His parents frequently relocated between various cities and had moved to Sarajevo from Paris, where they were pursuing their doctoral studies, only a few days prior to his birth. The Tadić family moved to Belgrade when Boris was three years old, and his father got a job at the newspaper Liberation.

Tadić finished Pera Popović Aga (today Mika Petrović Alas) elementary school and matriculated at First Belgrade High School in the Belgrade neighbourhood of Dorćol. During his teenage years he played water polo for VK Partizan but had to quit due to injuries. He graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy with a degree in psychology, specifically social psychology in the department of clinical psychology. Tadić was arrested during his studies for "participating in the demonstrations demanding that arrested students be released from detention" and spent one month in penal labour prison in Padinska Skela. He worked as a journalist, military clinical psychologist and as a teacher of psychology at the First Belgrade Gymnasium.

Until 2003, Tadić also worked at the Faculty of Drama at the University of Belgrade as a lecturer of political advertising.

Personal Life
Tadić has a sister, Vjera, who is also a psychologist and currently teaches psychology in the First Belgrade Gymnasium. Besides his native language, Tadić is fluent in English, French and Italian. He enjoys watching football and supports FK Partizan.

He was previously married to journalist Veselinka Zastavniković from 1980 to 1996, but they divorced, having had no children. Throughout their marriage they were actively involved in various socio-political activities including protests and petitions against human rights abuses and so-called 'verbal delict' in SFR Yugoslavia in the 1980s as well as anti-Milošević protests in the 1990s. Veselinka became a nun in October 2008, as Irina, in the Patriarchate of Peć.

He is married to Tatjana Tadić (née Rodić), with whom he has two daughters: Maša and Vanja. Tatjana has roots in Knin.

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