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Sialeʻataongo Tuʻivakanō

Siale ʻAtaongo Kaho, better known as Lord Tuʻivakanō, is a Tongan politician who has been Prime Minister of Tonga since 2010.

Descent and Naming
Siaosi Kiu Ngalumoetutulu Kaho and his wife Fatafehi-ʻo-Lapaha Liku in 1952 baptised their second child and oldest son as Siale ʻAtaongo Kaho. When his father died in January 1986, Siale ʻAtaongo succeeded him to the traditional Tongan noble title of Tuʻivakanō (literally: king of the borrowed boat). As customary in Tonga, since that time his baptismal name is no longer used, instead he is referred to as Tuʻivakanō (without any further qualification), or in more formal surroundings as ʻEiki nōpele Tuʻivakanō, nowadays translated in English as Lord (noble) Tuʻivakanō or Honourable lord Tuʻivakanō. Writing his name as Siale ʻAtaongo Tuʻivakanō may be done overseas, but is not the standard in Tonga. To distinguish him from previous holders of the title, his original name can be added in parenthesis after his title.

Tuʻivakanō (Siale ʻAtaongo) is the grandson of a former speaker of the Tongan Legislative Assembly, Siosiua Niutupuʻivaha Kaho, who was the younger brother of Tēvita Polutele Kaho, (who also was a Tuʻivakanō, and better known as TP Tuʻivakano), the prime minister just one century ago.

Tuʻivakanō enjoyed a privileged education in Tonga, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, attending the Three Kings School of Epsom, in 1963. Tuʻivakanō's qualifications include a Teaching Diploma obtained in 1974 from Armore's Teaching College New Zealand. In 1991 he received a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Political Science after three years of study at the Flinders University of South Australia.

Returning to Tonga following his study in New Zealand, Tuʻivakanō worked in teaching at the Tonga High School and trained in youth development in Malaysia and Singapore in 1980. Tuʻivakanō gained further experience in the Tongan education system appointed as Education Officer within the Ministry of Education in 1982. Between 1992 and 1996 Tu'ivakano became Senior Education Officer for Youth, Sport and Culture. During this period Tu'ivakano was involved with various Tongan Sporting organisations holding president roles with the Tonga National Rugby League, Tonga Sumo Association, Tonga National Taekwando Association and Vice presidency of the Tongan National Olympic Committee.

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