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László Kövér

László Kövér (Kövér László, born on 29 December 1959) is a Hungarian politician who has been the acting President of Hungary since the resignation of Pál Schmitt on 2 April 2012.

He is a founding member of Fidesz from 1988, and he served as Minister without portfolio for the Civilian Intelligence Services during the first Viktor Orbán administration. In 2000 he was appointed leader of the party, but he resigned from his position in the next year.

László Kövér was born in the town of Pápa and is a founding member of the Fidesz party. He was an active participant in the Opposition Round Table discussions – a notable stage in the Hungarian transition – as well as of the tripartite political negotiations in 1989. A Member of Parliament since 1990, he is now the chairman of the Board of Fidesz - Hungarian Civic Union. He used to lead his political group in the National Assembly, and had chaired the Committee on National Security for two terms. He was minister without portfolio in charge of the Civil National Security Services during the first Orbán Cabinet. Shortly thereafter, he was elected to be the President of Fidesz, a position he held until May 5, 2001.

In the 1996 to 2009 period, he was a member of the Board of the Hungarian Association for Civic Cooperation. A member of the Board of the Hungarian Association of International Children’s Safety Service since1990, he has been its president since 1994.

He was elected Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary on 22 July 2010. Kövér took the position on 5 August, after his predecessor, Pál Schmitt, replaced László Sólyom as President of Hungary.

Following the resignation of Schmitt as President on 2 April 2012, Kövér became Acting President of the Republic according to the Constitution of Hungary. The National Assembly has 30 days to elect a new President. One of the five deputy speakers of the parliament, Sándor Lezsák was commissioned to exercise the Speaker's rights and responsibilities.

Personal life
His paternal grandfather was a carpenter, and also member of the Hungarian Social Democratic Party (MSZDP), later Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (MSZMP). The maternal ancestors belonged to the middle class. His maternal grandfather was a taxi driver. His parents were László Kövér, Sr. (1933–1993), a locksmith and Erzsébet Ábrahám (born 1939). His brother, Szilárd, is a jurist. László Kövér married in 1987, his wife is Mária Bekk, a secondary school teacher of history and ethnography. They have three children: Vajk (1988), Botond (1989) and Csenge (1994).

After the 2006 parliamentary election, when Fidesz lost the elections for the second time, Kövér swore that he would not cut his hair until the party was once again able to form a government. After four years, when his party won a two-thirds majority of seats by gaining 52% of the votes, Kövér appeared with short hair in the inaugural session of the sixth parliamentary term on 14 May 2010.

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