Monday, September 19, 2011

The Girl Whose Name I Don't Know - Secretos del Corazon

10 years back in Spain, I was walking in rain,
She was on rush so didn't want to miss-out the train.

When I saw her again, donno what had happened,
I just seemed to be loving this beautiful pain.

I was drifted away, felt I sited the bay,
After years of darkness now I saw light of day.

Be it April or May, it's true still today,
She's always on mind and eyes set on her way.

Oh God reply my pray! Oh please give me a day,
I'll speak my heart out, let me just have my say.

Will love you forever, I'll leave you never,
I wished to say it all, couldn't do it ever.

In the month of December, last time I had seen her,
She turned and looked at me, I still remember.

I am back in Spain, everything looks the same,
Still looking for you, but I don't have your name.